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i think it's great that we're getting this money for these purposes, trails and for the recreation programs that are mobile. i have seen the programs and they are really great. this is from coca-cola and i think it's great that coca-cola is providing us these funds and making sure that we're reducing obesity in san francisco. is there any kind of advertising that we do for coca-cola? >> >> these grants do not require any advertising at all. >> >> thank you. thank you miss branson. any members of public wishing to comment? you can line up on the far wall behind mr. paulson.
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>> does any trail last forever? i don't know. maybe we're near the budget end, i don't know. does any gift last forever? i don't know. maybe we're going to have the end, but money's hard to hold. we're going to have it maybe and bring it on, and they will be singing songs on the trails and it's the real thing with this item gifted today. it's coke and budget. >> thank you, next speaker, please.
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>> good morning, thank you. i'm robert bakewell an enrichment resident who lives right next to this area of the oak woodlands and we have been working on this area for a long time and i'm also co-founder of the friends of the oak woodlands park, which is a park partner sponsored by park s alliance. we support the resolution for the acceptance of these funds and the community of support from east golden gate park neighbors are stewardship volunteers and park partnership group collaborating in the revitalization of the park. two events organized by parks alliance and recreation and park department generated over 300 days of labor in contribution for the initial phases of this oak woodlands
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multi-use nature trail. it was very successful and eric was at one of these events. thank you, eric. this is a mile-long trail, extending from mcclaren lodge, linking san francisco's indigenous oak groves to 6th and fulton. we're thankful for this funding source that will help to complete this outdoor, valuable recreational asset. thank you. >> thank you very much, any other members of the public wishing to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ] supervisor mars. >> i live across the street as well and i know this grant will go ang long way in making sure there is active sports, but also the trails project that many neighbors have been working on will be carried
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forward as well. it's one of the most beautiful areas in the city and we hope people come out to that natural areas program, the oak woodlands between stanyan and 6-7th avenue along fulton in the city. i wanted to say that the active sports effort by the recreation and park department is incredible and to have a mobile unit, rock climbing, which i love as well and peter from my staff is a big rock climber as well, but to have youth have more access is wonderful. and kayaking and other things, too. like supervisor avalos, i share the concerns about the source of the funding, but it makes up for a little bit of the obesity-causing problems by the company that is sponsoring this. at least it's making up for allowing some of our youth to have active lifetimes and for our rec and park department to have much more support. so i'm supportive of this accept and expend and thank you to supervisor farrell for sponsoring it.
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>> thank you, supervisor mar and thank the rec and park department and park alliance and coca-cola. i think it's a great example of fill an philanthropy. is we'll send forward to the board without opposition. >> mr. clerk could you call item no. 3? >> item no. 3, ordinance amending the san francisco administrative code by adding section 16.702 and 16.29-7.6 to mandate payment to the city employees to offset federal income taxation on health insurance premiums for their same-sex spouses or same-sex domestic partners and to exclude such payments from the computation of compensation under the san francisco
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employees' retirement system. colleagues this legislation mandates payment to city employees to offset federal income taxation on health insurance premiums for their same-sex spouse and same-sex domestic partners and supports our lgbt. currently the way it stands the city employees will same-sex spouses or domestic partners elect to add their spouse or domestic partner to their health plan and in additional federal tax is taken out of think paycheck. the federal government views these to be taxable income. therefore city employees and others with same-sex spouses or domestic partners are taxed more than other city employees simply because their spouses are the same gender. this discame nation has caused
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same-sex spouses and domestic partners thousands and thousands of dollars each year and the city and county active members is approximately 386 as of the end of last year. san francisco always has been uni hope always will be a leader in supporting our lgbt community. following the example of other municipalities such as cambridge, massachusetts and google and could i hope we will do the same. this legislation will ensure same-sex domestic partners who work for the city and county of san francisco will not be burdened with these taxes. ultimately this is an issue of equality. the additional taxs is one of the many results of defense of act act or doma. married lgbt committees are already denied many rights and
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this additional tax adds another sting to the injustice of doma. this brings great hope the u.s. supreme court will hear the california proposition perry case and various doma cases later this year. however, as a legislative body here in san francisco, i don't believe we can or should standstill and wait to see what the u.s. supreme court does while this discrimination continues. i look forward to working with everyone to get this passed. i am proud that this legislation is supporting and cosponsored by supervisors wiener, campos and chu, as well as the lgbt democrat democratic club and lgbt. we have prided ourselves of being ahead of curve and the props of a better tomorrow. as a city we should not stand
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idle as contributing members of society -- with hope and uncertainty certainty that the u.s. supreme court will find doma cases unreasonable. colleagues i hope i can for your support. we have a number of speakers to speak. >> good morning, controller's office. this legislation if passed by the board of supervisors and signed by the mayor would take effect next fiscal year and the department or the city's payroll division would administer the benefits through a one-time annual payment based on actual information we would receive from the health service system. as to the number and the name
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of the individual employee that has same-sex or domestic partner insurance as a co-dependent and then we would calculate the amount in accordance to the proposed legislation, which would be 20% of the premium that is associated with that dependent. and and if as supervisor farrell said the doma is overturned and/or same-sex marriage becomes legal on a national basis we do expect that the federal irs requirements would be similar to that of the state and there would be no financial penalty and therefore, this would be moot at this point. be we would be prepared to make the payment at the end of the calendar year. so it would be for six months at first payment and if need be, then it would be for full-year in subsequent
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calendar year 2014. >> thank you of >> thank you >> department of human resources i want to confirm we conducted the required meet and confer process with our unions. about five of our unions and the largest were the machinists and local 21 and after asking some questions and some of them actually weren't aware of the discriminatory practices of the federal tax code, but after some good discussion they indicated their complete support. so the meet and confer process was concluded. >> thank you. any questions? thank you very much. i hope that every meet and confer in future is that easy. >> me, too.
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>> i bet. and with that, we have the budget and legislative analyst's report. >> mr. chair, members of the committee, on page 4 of our report, we point out that the health services system estimated that 186 employees would be affected by this proposed ordinance. wherein most employees receive a payment between $1400 and $1500 that depends on their medical and dental insurance polices. and the total estimated cost to the city is $660,492 including payments to employees of 57 5 682 and employer fica and medicare contributions. it is our understanding that there would be no additional administrative costs for administering this ordinance. we consider, because this proposed ordinance may result
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in new ongoing costs of the city as an estimated $660,492 per year, we consider approval of this ordinance to be a policy matter for the board. >> thank you. any other questions for our budget legislative analyst? catherine, i don't know if there is anything that you want to talk about? i want to thank you for working on this legislation. if there was anything else you wanted to add? okay. so with that, [ inaudible ] >> mr. chairman, the financial impact of this legislation, if approved by the board of supervisors, signed by the mayor would need to be added to the budget next fiscal year. that would be done through the mayor's budget. and it would probably be budgeted in "general responsibility." and as we were prepared to disperse those dollars we would allocate those
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dollars to the appropriate departments that have the employees that were eligible for the benefit. >> thank you very much. colleagues, any other questions of staff? okay. seeing none, i would like to open up item no. 3 for public comment. if there are any members of the public who wish to comment on item no 3, please come up and line up on the wall. mr. griffin? >> i'm on my break. chairman farrell, members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to speak before you today on item no. 36789 my name is larry griffin the vice president offpt local 21 and we would like to thank supervisor farrell for bringing this forward and supervisors campos, chiu and avalos. by
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compensating affected employees to offset their tax, we're sending a message that san francisco is committed to equal pay for equal work. we know the day is coming when all couples and families will be treated the same. meanwhile we're pleased to see you taking this step forward. local 21 respectfully ask that the committee vote yes. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, good morning. my name is martha knudsen the co-chair of the lgbt democratic chair and joined by my profess co-chair and fell board member neilson. i want to thank supervisor farrell for authoring this legislation and voice support of the legislation on behalf of the entire board of the alice
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b. tokelis lgbt club. this is an important legislation until the federal government recognizes same-sex couples and marriage equality. on a personal note as a city employee whose same-sex spouse was covered by my health benefits for the past nine years, i paid this for nine years. what that meant is my income was reported as -- my income a little bit over $300 every pay period was increased and it's not reported as null income and social security. or medicare or for the retirement board. so it's not
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actually reported. i am proud of my 27-year relationship with my spouse. and i have always presented it publicly, whether it was registering as a domestic partner or getting married in a civil ceremony. yet because i sought to insure her i was punished and forced to pay higher taxes than i should v. we urge full support of this legislation it's gos forward to the board. thank you very much for doing this. >> thank you. >> thank you supervisor farrell for coming to our meeting and presenting to the pac. the pac made a recommendation to our general membership to support this legislation, and it was unanimously approved at our general membership meeting january 22nd. so i want to thank you very much and thank you supervisors
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campos, wiener and chue for your support. we're thankful to the alice b. toklas club, because this is very, very important. very, very important issue. for our club as well, you know passing this legislation, closing loopholes telling the federal government the time is now, that we take steps to repeal doma and to close these kind of discriminatory loopholes in our tax system that is penalizing same-sex couples. so we hope that the committee will forward this onto the full board with a positive recommendation and we hope that the full board will also vote unanimously to send a very clear message. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> budget bill, you love this
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item. you always will. we look at you and see the working passion that you make, but are you ever going to see your budget day? c'mon, bill. c'mon budget bill. you got the wedding budget bell blues. you are going to at pay your dues. come on budget bill. you are still the same. the budget is still the same and you are going to sing and you are going have to pay the same. and your budget is still the same. and oh, budget man, you came and gave at work without taking -- and you are going to have
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more today. okay. >> thank you, mr. paulson, any other members of public wishing to speak on sing on item no. 3? seeing none, public comment is closed >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you, supervisor, i would like to thanks for your sponsorship of this ordinance and would like to put myself down as a co-sponsor. i think it's important that we approve this now, because obviously, we do not have accounted for the true cost of employee benefits, employee salaries if we have discrimination that we need to amend. and so therefore, i believe it's important that we approve this today. and make a determination for future budgets as well, how we're going to be dealing with discrimination that comes from the federal level and we can ameliorate that here from our
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polices. >> thank you supervisor avalos >> supervisor mar. >> thank you for testifying and the hard work, supervisor farrell, please add me as well. >> thank you very much. and i likewise want to thank all the members who came to, especially the alice b. toklas and harvey milk club. i want to thank caroline dodd, a long time hero of mine and the controller'ssoff and the mayor's budget staff and micki and martin from the department of human resources thanks for your support and my staff, for all their hard work and especially for veronica bell from google, who actually introduced the idea to me about a year and a half ago. so i want to thank everybody for their support. i do have a few clarifying technical amendments, and i passed those out earlier. i would like to make a motion to accept those amendments. >> second. >> we'll do that without opposite. [ gavel and forward this item
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with full recommendation to the full board of supervisors for our february 26th meeting, seconded and without opposition. [ gavel ] . thank you very much. >> i just want to confirm this goes before the board on february 26th? >> yes. >> thank you very much. thank you to everyone who came out for the item. mr. clerk, could you call items 4 and 5 together. >> item 4, ordinance appropriating $304,412 to the san francisco department on the status of women and l4 45,588 to the district attorney office for fiscal year 2012-2013. >> item no. 5, ordinance amending ordinance no. 165-12 -- excuse me, ordinance amending ordinance no. 165-12 to reflect the addition of one position in the department of the status of women and 11 positions in the district attorney office. mr. chairman i have a request
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from media service that we take a quick recess to set up an audio presentation. >> no problem. [ gavel ] >> good morning mr. chair and good morning committee members >> one sec, i would like to welcome everyone back to our february 6th, budget and finance meeting. and i want to recognize our district attorney, thank you for being here. >> supervisor, if i might make some opening comments? >> sure, president chiu. thank you, mr. chair and i want to thank members of public who have come out for this item. we have in front of us a supplemental appropriation for domestic violence services and for additional law enforcement staffing that i had proposed in december. i want to [tha-fpg/] a moment
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and thank our district attorney, mayor lee and all of who were with the board who have co-sponsored this measure. as think many of you know the late 2011 comprehensive report on family violence in san francisco shows that reports of domestic violence in san francisco has risen sharply in last few years. what the data shows is that the demand for city departments and non-profits for domestic violence assistance has increased steadily while funding for such services has stayed flat or decreased. for example, and the one-year period documented in the report we saw the increase in calls to domestic violence hotlines and 29% in more beds needed at domestic violence shelters. 202% in the number of child support cases involving family violence and i know the district attorney will highlight that. over the past two years the
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district attorney's caseload as spiked 88% and related to that the number of trials at the district attorney offense has spiked by 350%. the supplemental that have i proposed is a $750,000 number. it involves four components with a significant focus on domestic violence victims. it includes additional staffing for the district attorney's office with additional prosecutors, victim advocates and providers particularly legal services for domestic violence to assist with restraining orders, child custody and immigration cases. funding for a domestic violence awareness campaign, which is kicking off this month. related to the 1 billion rally we have coming up next week and restoration of a previously eliminated domestic violence policy analyst position, who had been the only city staff position focused on domestic violence. and the one last comment i want to say, obviously in 2012, we had a significant public
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discourse on domestic violence, but i would state despite the recent controversy everybody agrees we need to do more to increase our safety net, everyone from our mayor and district attorney to our sheriff and all you have our colleagues believe that we need to do more. so that being said, hopefully this will take that a step forward and again, i want to thank everyone for participating in this and introduce our district attorney and i believe you have a presentation. >> thank you, so much, mr. president, for your leadership in this area. i am introducing this, as well as thank you to all of you who supported this and co-sponsored. good morning mr. chair and members of committee and good morning to everyone else. before i start my presentation. we're going to play for you a quick audio and it is an audio of a real 911 call in a domestic violence case and we purposely did not use one of our own because we did not want
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the compromise the integrity of any cases that we have handled, but this particular [#1*-/] call is a real one and one that is being used for training and i think it begins to illustrate the point i will make through this presentation: >> 911 emergency. >> my mom and dad -- stop it! mommy! stop it. don't hit the baby! don't hit the baby! stop it! can you send the police, please? >> we'll be there in a minute. >> >> the reason why we started with this audio because i want
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to make sure that everyone in this room understands that often when we're talking about when we're talking about domestic violence is life-and-death. there are women that are being injured severely and occasionally women are dying. we're very fortunate that last year we did not have for the first anytime a decade we did not have a domestic violence homicide in the city. however, i would like to point out while that is a cause for celebration, i want to make sure that we understand the full context of this and quite frankly the difference between aggravated assault and homoe homicides. when we're talking about dominguez hills it's important to recognize that everything that we say and do carries a message and that that message often has severe impacts in our community. i can tell you for instance recently we had a case involving an individual by the name of oliver, who decided
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during a domestic dispute, he was going to kill his girlfriended by setting her on fire. fortunately in this incident, fire services were there quicklily and our victim will fully recover, but shortly after this incident was publicized we got a couple of cases in our office where victims are complaining that they have been threatened by the offend with doing similar things and setting them on fire. i would also like to say that we're going to talk about some of the highlights of our request here, but i want to make sure that everybody understands when we made this request, we dakota a very close look at our needs. we're not in the buying and selling used car business. i do not believe that i should make a request hoping to get something less than what i asked for. we made a realistic request. we asked for four attorneys, the budget

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